Chairman & CEO


A wide range of perfectly coordinated services provided by AALCO made us a unique and trustworthy partner in business. Years of experience, constant development and improving our employees’ skills and qualifications caused that today AALCO is approved by the Government, prestige and well-recognized purely Qatari company. Loyalty towards our customers and excellent service allowed us to gain their precious trust and to build long-term tight relations.

At AALCO, we are capable to handle enormous projects with high precision, while being eco-friendly and succesfully practicing our gold rule – safety first. We are committed to serve our country and to make a significant contribution to its growth. Our attitude towards business and core values has shaped todays AALCO. We are proud who we are. We are proud to build Qatar.

Sincerely Yours

Rabia Bin Mohd. Bin Al Ajjaj Al Kubaisi

Chairman & CEO

Meet The Team

Syed Haider Ali


(RAK Holding)

Faisal Kunnath


(RAK Holding)

Fazlulhaq Mohamed Shariff


Fasi Ahmed Subhani


Arvind Murugan Arundati


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